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Education and Training Fund


The Essentials Journey 2020


The Essential Journey is a year-long, multidimensional empowerment program focusing on ethnically relevant personal, academic, cultural, and socio-political development of inner city African-American youth between the ages of 12 and 17. Our aim is self-actualization, helping themto craft visions for their futures and directing them toward a life of purpose and service. 

The Essential Journey’s three-phase educational initiative buffers the impact of discrimination, exclusion, stereotyping, and damaging environmental influences. It offers an immersive, experiential academic program where participants develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct, culture-based experiences outside the traditional classroom. Program scholars will be equipped with the vison, values, and self-esteem to actualize their dreams.

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SBCAP Youth Ministry

sbcap youth ministry

From feeding horses to composing new music and poetry, Second Baptist Church of Asbury Park is making a difference in the Asbury Park/Neptune communities.  Located at 124 Atkins Ave in Asbury Park, SBCAP has recently introduced a number of new and exciting programs: Two Such Initiatives are the Fine Arts and Technology Summer Camp, a Community Youth Night Program.  . More information →