The RMW Foundation is a not for profit organization whose singular purpose is the betterment of people and communities.  Our mission is to FEED, EDUCATE, & EMPOWER.  Realizing the complexities of the times, and the fact that no one organization can make meaningful change alone, our organization endeavors to work with an integrated network of partners to provide wrap-around services for the individuals and families that we serve. Our long-term organizational goals include neighborhood and community restoration programs, community business development programs, improved educational outcomes by way of early childhood education initiatives, dynamic and innovative after school care programs, tutoring, training and mentoring opportunities, substance/drug abuse intervention, detox, and rehab programs, career mapping and coaching, and financial literacy, saving, investing, and wealth building programs.  
Foundation Business Units

The RMW Foundation Academy is the educational arm of The RMW Foundation.  Our Child Development Programs are for preschool through high school aged children.  The Youth Outreach Programs are designed for teens and young adults.  Finally, the Adult Empowerment Programs are designed to aid adults in acquiring, developing, and/or improving skills and abilities to help them reach their personal goals.    

The RMW Ministries division is a part of the overall suite of offerings by The RMW Foundation.  RMW Ministries seeks to ensure that each individual and family is fed and nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually. We will accomplish this goal through social service assistance, food and nutrition programs, spiritual guidance, and personal development workshops.   

In order to ensure the continued success of The RMW Foundation and its program offerings, we will partner with and coordinate services with the Foundation Business Group.  The business group is a network of a Foundation Integrated Solutions (FIS) Partner Providers and RMW Foundation subsidiary companies.  Together, this network will be able to meet the needs of the individuals, families , and communities in which we serve, AND provide sustainable funding sources for foundation programs.  The Foundation Business Group includes Lawn Care & Landscaping, Construction, Renovation, & Maintenance, Autos & Auto Services, Transportation & Logistics, and Business Services & Management.