RMW Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that seeks Empowerment through Education, and Success through Personal Accountability.  Our mission is to feed, educate, and empower.



Looking over the landscape of our life and our communities is a heart-wrenching experience;  Poverty, lack, dependency, addiction, hopelessness, abuse, neglect, systematic injustice, and criminality are the backdrop against which we attempt to raise our children and families.  

My brothers and sisters, this should not be so.  Staring at the darkness will not suffice.  Therefore we, as an organization, have resolved to not only look out upon the darkness and destruction, but to walk into the darkness.  In so doing, we will plan bring light to the pain and suffering of our people.  We will bring deliverance to the captives and hope to the hopeless.  This is our charge.  DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION.

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RMW (in Faith) Ministries serves as the outreach and empowerment arm of The RMW Foundation, Inc.  RMW (In Faith) Ministries seeks to ensure that each individual and family is fed and nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually. We will accomplish this goal through social service assistance, food and nutrition programs, spiritual guidance, and personal development workshops.  We believe that he who began a perfect work in us is faithful and just to see it through to the end. 





We acknowledge the difficulties associated with the vision and goal of community and personal transformation.  We also acknowledge that faith without works is dead, and that our projects will need significant funding in order to be successful.  Therefore, we have developed RMW Business Group to help underwrite and sustain our organizational operations. 

RMW Business Group will be comprised of organizations and individuals who share our desire to effect major change in our institutions, people and communities.